Barstool Golf Writer Calls Kids of Spieth, Fowler: “Very Effective Form of Contraception”

(PGA TOUR SG Twitter)

Dan Rapaport is Barstool Sports’ golf blogger. On Twitter, the scribe is known as a very strange dude who has the habit of talking a bit too much about his personal life. On Wednesday, though, ahead of the U.S. Open, the Northwestern alum fired off what has to be the weirdest tweet in golf media history.

Commenting on a cute video showing the young children of Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth playing on the green, under the watchful eyes of their dads, alongside Justin Thomas, the blogger called the toddlers “a very effective form of contraception.”

The comments in reply were all pretty much the same: Rapaport is a weird dude.

And on and on it went


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