Who’s Behind the ‘9/11’ Group Protesting LIV Golf, Trump?

Trump Monahan Taxes
President Donald Trump and Jay Monahan, PGA Tour commissioner, during the 2017 Presidents Cup at Liberty National in New Jersey. (Getty Images)

For the past several weeks the far-left news and sports media has given a group called ‘9/11 Justice’ unlimited bandwidth to blast LIV Golf and, more recently, former President Donald Trump for hosting the season’s third tournament in Bedminster, New Jersey.

The promotion has been relentless with no pushback, or even debate. For instance, we’ve seen no investigatory profiles or background stories on how the group got its start, or the history of its founder – which to this contrarian writer is a huge red flag. Let’s be real: if this group were criticizing a leftwing cause and/or protesting a Democrat figure, do you think the NY Times or Washington Post would be acting as a transcription service, or would they be a bit more curious about the motives?

Yesterday morning we finally got some information about the group and its president, Brett Eagleson.

In a piece by nationally syndicated writer Michael Graham, we learned that the LIV Golf-protesting group was formed just days before the first event took place in the United States.

Brett Eagleson LIV Golf 9/11 Justice
Brett Eagleson founded ‘9/11 Justice’ twenty years after the terrorist attack, and three days before showing up to protest the LIV Golf event in Portland. (Credit: AP File Photo)

“Brett Eagleson, whose father died in the World Trade Center attack, is the president of 9/11 Justice,” wrote Graham. “He says his organization represents families still outraged that Saudi Arabia has never been held to account for its role in 9/11.

“It is an issue many families have spoken about for years.

“But not Eagleson. When he showed up in Portland, Ore. on June 30 to protest a LIV tournament at the Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club, his organization had been in existence for three days.”

Even more curious: the week of the group’s launch, it had already placed, what Graham called, “a six-figure buy of political-style ads on local and cable broadcast stations in Oregon,” which ran during the LIV Golf Portland event.

U.S. President Donald Trump LIV Golf
Former U.S. President Donald Trump talks with media and fans on the 6th hole during the pro-am prior to the LIV Golf Invitational – Bedminster at Trump National GC Bedminster on July 28, 2022 in Bedminster, NJ. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey for LIV Golf via Getty Images)

The ads were placed by Media Ad Ventures, a political ad shop with deep ties to the anti-Trump faction of the Republican Party (e.g. Mitt Romney, John McCain, Jeb! Bush, Christie Todd Whitman).

Graham went on to ask: “Where did this brand-new organization get the money for hard-hitting TV ads, clearly produced in advance and targeting these pro golfers, on such short notice?

“And who starts a charity 20 years after the original event?”

According to Graham, Eagleson refused requests for comment, but wrote, “experts in politics and marketing know where they would start looking: the PGA [Tour].”

PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan
PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan speaks at an announcement for the new WGC-FedEx St. Jude Invitational during an event at Shelby Farms Park on April 12, 2018 in Memphis, TN. Photo by Chris Condon/PGA TOUR via Getty Images

Attorney and author, Gene Berardelli, was quoted in Graham’s must-read piece, saying, “The more I see the PGA [Tour] pouring a ton of money into lobbying, the more I think that it absolutely looks like a desperate astroturf campaign using politics to monopolize golf.”

Graham notes that PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan used similar rhetoric to ‘9/11 Justice’ during an interview with Jim Nantz of CBS, while also pointing out the Tour’s recent lack of support for 9/11 causes.

In fact, the most recent five-year reporting period (2014-2018) shows the billion-dollar behemoth made just a single donation to 9/11-related charities – a grant of $6,520 in 2016 to Farmingdale Community Summit Council Inc.

Stay tuned. There’s much more to come.


  1. Nothing is more disgusting than politicizing 9/11. This guy Eaglesson calls Richard Blumenthal of stolen valor fame his “champion” while trashing Trump? That’s all you need to know. Trump has given more to 9/11 causes in one year than that phony has over the last 20. Nothing is lower than stolen valor and this guy calls him his champion?

    Vietnam Vets should protest him for 9/11washing Blumenthal’s image.

    Where was his group for the last 20 years protesting Apple, Twitter and Amazon which have taken billions in investment from the kingdom?

    The Saudis sponsored the LPGA Tour last year. Why didn’t he protest them? He also curiously gives Biden a pass who (as part of Obama Admin) literally vetoed a bill that would have released info on 9/11. Yet he decided to protest Trump over a golf event? This is clearly a political sham!

  2. Wow some rich @#$holes will do anything for a dollar.. Including playing golf or hosting tournaments with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who killed 2,997 on 9/11 ! Did you see the video of the welcoming party for 9/11 hijacker’s in San Diego In Feb 2000 ? Hosted by Saudi intel Omar Bayoumni who reported directly to Prince Bandar bin Sultan . How bout 130,000 in check to hijacker’s handlers from Prince Bandar Bin Sultan. Or Abu Zubaydah in GITMO having Prince Bandar unlisted phone numbers in Aspen and Washington D.C. or the 20th hijacker naming him in court as financing 9/11 ! 2016 Primaries he looked Jeb Bush in the eyes and said “We know who did 9/11 it wasn’t Iraq “Donald J Trump . Also President Trumps AG Barr claimed State Secrets in 2019 on another Saudi’s being named for 9/11.He also put GAG order on Jim Kriedler from telling the evidence Kriedler and Kriedler has found the last 20yrs public..PS how think these golfers are going do when Americans find out hole truth on 9/11 ? We got great way of dealing with traitors in this country and these @#$&’s deserve every bit of it…
  3. Hello Jeff,

    Here’s a video from 2016 of Brett fighting for JASTA. Something I’m 100% sure you know nothing about. Your hit piece against Brett shows your staggering ignorance concerning the issue of truth, accountability and justice for 9/11.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Jon Gold

    • It’s rich of you to frame Eagleson as the victim. You can’t be a “victim” while at the same time incorporating a charity/business in Delaware (not NY or CT oddly) and run a million-dollar political style smear campaign against golfers who have all donated money and time to 9/11 and veteran causes for years.

      Who is funding his project? Let’s see the names and amounts donated. Let’s see who created the ads and who placed the ad buys. Why did he incorporate in Delaware?

      His ads libeling good men is what is disgraceful! They are fathers, sons, husbands, and brothers too.

      Last I checked 9/11 was a tragedy for the entire country. Eagleson trying to take ownership of it is what is a f###ing disgrace! No one owns it. He lost his father. I lost friends who were sent off to Afghanistan. My neighbor lost his brother. My wife lost her father who served in Iraq. We all needlessly lost 13 service men and women last year during Biden’s horrifically planned withdrawal.

      Where are his six-figure smear campaigns against Obama and Biden – the admin which literally vetoed the release of FBI files.

      Where are his six-figure smear campaigns against Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Tim Cook (Apple) and the rest of corporate America (hello Disney)? They have been business-washing the Kingdom for two decades.

      We know why — because it’s all selective outrage.

      Do you know the PGA Tour’s Fan Shop is funded by Saudi money. Where’s Eagleson’s protest of them and the LPGA which announced a Saudi funded team event?

      Are the NBAers traitors too for taking money from China, who make the Saudis look like JVs when it comes to human rights abuse?

      Is the European Tour traitors too for selling their tour to the UAE – the Saudi’s mini mes?

      It’s a bizarre world when Bush Biden and Obama and corporate America as a whole get a pass while guys that hit a golf ball are somehow the bad guys – 20 years later.

      Total joke!

      • I remember what Obama did. One of the first things he did when he came into office was have a meeting with 9/11 Family Members. At that meeting he told 9/11 Family Member Kristen Breitweiser that he would look into releasing the famous “28 Redacted Pages,” and she never heard from him. He used that meeting as great reminder as to why we need to send more troops to Afghanistan. 6 months later Elena Kagan sided with the Saudis over the 9/11 Families.

        The 9/11 Families and others fought tooth and nail for Obama to hold the Saudis accountable for the part they had to play in the murder of 2,977+ people. The Obama Administration protected them for their entire administration. They even used the Saudis to start a proxy war against Iran in Yemen. Finally, towards the end of his administration he released the “28 Redacted Pages” with 3 pages still redacted and with redactions throughout. Those pages mentioned Prince Bandar, a good friend of the Bushes, George Tenet and many others in D.C., as many suspected. A “team” of individuals came out of the woodwork (including in the Obama Administration) to say there was nothing to what was in those pages. We had to fight Obama to get JASTA passed because he vetoed it.

        Thankfully his veto was overturned. Saudi Arabia tried to use U.S. Veterans to lobby against JASTA.

        Why not give the 9/11 Families their day in court which is what this is all about? Why not force Prince Bandar to testify which he is refusing to do? The families are bringing attention to their lawsuit, something the “mainstream media” has a hard time doing for some reason. The 9/11 Families are asking for accountability. Both from Saudi Arabia and from people in the U.S. Government. Some of them are anyway, and have for years. Why should they be denied justice and accountability? Something they’ve NEVER GOTTEN. As you said, we were all attacked that day. I want justice too. I would like some truth too. I would like some accountability too.

        Attacking family members seeking truth, accountability and justice for what happened to their loved ones is a disgrace. The Golfers want to play for a league that is paid for by a country that has fought tooth and nail against the 9/11 Families for 21 years, and that’s ok with you? Shameful.

    • How is this a “hit piece”? The writer (Jeff) is reporting on a story that was published in the Boston Herald. You should be upset with the Herald writer.

      With that, I don’t think it’s a hit piece at all, even from the original source. It’s interesting, informative, and makes you go hmm 🤔.

      • Ever see the movie “Kill The Messenger” with Jeremy Renner? Excellent film. Here, I posted it for you.

        You may also want to learn about how those who advocate for 9/11 Justice have been treated throughout history. I’ve made a movie about it here:

  4. Disney, ESPN, Facebook, PGA tour sponsors, Live Nation, Amazon, and much more….the list goes on and on. All benefit from Saudi dollars. Let’s just shut everything down. Selective cancel culture at work.
        • It should be non-partisan. (And I agree with you on many issues related to 911 – we were lied to!)

          But when chumps like Richard “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal (D-CT) is called a “champion” of 911 and Trump, who’s given millions to 9/11 causes, and has questioned the official Bush/Obama narrative of 911, is somehow the bad guy, it’s beyond partisan – it’s a political hit job.

  5. “Business washing” Saudi Arabia is bad enough but normalizing them into American culture and professional sports at this level of boosted publicity is a completely different level of disgusting.
  6. Anyone who calls Dick “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal his “champion” is a class fraud. Brett Eagleson somehow thinks he has ownership of 9.11 or something. Who made him the 9.11 gatekeeper?

    My best friend died in Afghanistan fighting Obama’s idiotic surge and two family members have PTSD from Bush Jr’s illegal Iraq war.

    My father died from agent orange after serving IN Vietnam when I was 5. Eagleson should be ashamed of his normalization of scumbag Blumenthal who stole the heroics of Vietnam Vets like my father.

    Unfortunately I don’t have the dark money funding me money like Eagleson otherwise I’d run ads against his sham charity for calling Blumenthal a “champion” and washing up this lowlife’s image.

  7. Know what a real traitor is? A senile dunce, aka the big guy, who goes begging to the Saudi mobsters for oil after purposefully killing America’s newfound energy independence we finally enjoyed under Trump.

    Biden Oil

    America is Back

  8. These are classic xenophobic tendencies being emitted by the pga tour.

    Email me if interested in deeper commentary.

  9. It has been disgusting to watch how Jay Monahan has treated the players who left for LIV like they are the scum of the Earth.

    The LPGA “takes Saudi money” and the PGA Tour ran a tour in China of all places.

    Get off your moral high horse Jay



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