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Friday, June 2, 2023

Tagged: Anti Trust Laws

2022 LIV Golf Patrick Reed

Far-Left Judge Sides With PGA Tour; Denies LIV Request For Expedited Trial Date

LIV Golf players, who filed a bombshell antitrust lawsuit against the PGA Tour two...
Martin Slumbers The 2022 OPEN Championship

R&A Chief Stumbles Badly When Questioned About Collusion Against LIV Golf

Martin Slumbers is the chief executive of the R&A, the organization that runs the...

Legal Source: Tiger Woods Just Helped DOJ’s Anti-Trust Probe of PGA Tour

A Boston attorney emailed me this afternoon and asked, "Did you see Tiger Woods'...
DOJ Investigates PGA Tour

DOJ Investigating PGA Tour For Anti-Trust Practices Against LIV Golf

On a day when The R&A banned two-time British Open champion Greg Norman from...