The 10 Most Smug, Self-Righteous Media Reactions To Phil Mickelson


So yesterday was Phil Mickelson’s 48th birthday, and the five-time major winner was hoping to get into contention at the 118th U.S. Open to complete the final leg of a career grand slam. But like many in the afternoon wave, Lefty struggled against what was a murderous USGA setup at Shinnecock, and found himself 4-over through 12 holes, and 10-over for the tournament.

Frustrated and angry, the legendary golfer then pulled out a gun and shot a patron right there on the 13th green.

Oh, wait, that didn’t happen. That’s only what seemed like happened if you followed the media’s reaction on Twitter.

Instead of murdering someone, Phil chased after his runaway Callaway and hit it as it was moving – causing the USGA to assess a two-stroke penalty.

Now that it’s understood Phil hit a moving golf ball and did not in fact murder an old lady, let’s take a look at some of the self-righteous reactions from the “media.”

Here’s a round up of 10 of the most smug and sanctimonious hot takes.

1. Rick Reilly – The Athletic (Or Something)

A fool’s fool. Reilly epitomizes the smug set – just look at his profile picture.
(Update: the Trump-hater deleted his tweet.)

2. Ian O’Connor – ESPN

O’Connor is a serial over-reactor to media-contrived scandals. Google his hot take on Tom Brady during deflategate. Here he wants Lefty escorted off the premises. Lol.

3. Geoff Shackelford – Golfweek

Shackelford’s usually one of my favorites, but he’s a lefty and travels in the media echo chamber. The tweet is fairly mild, but his blog post claims Mickelson’s legacy will take a hit for his crime, er penalty, on Saturday.

4. Alan Shupnuck – Golf Magazine

This was a despicable sleazebag move by Shupnuck, who’s usually pretty fair-minded. The Golf Mag writer, though, goes over the edge and tweets out a private text message to the world. Geez I wonder why Phil didn’t want to talk to this guy? Also, note the use of “unrepentant” – a word usually reserved for criminals.

5. Doug Ferguson – AP

Ferguson is one of the best golf writers alive for real-time coverage, but he makes no sense here. The tweet is not so much smug as it shows the plain pack mentalityism of the golf media.

6. Piers Morgan – Daily Mail

Morgan takes a break from gun control rants to join in on the media’s cause of the day: Kill Phil.

7. Ron Green Jr. – Globe Golf Post

Green Jr. is upset that Phil basically called out the self-righteous whiners (i.e. the media jackals).

8. Frank Nobilo (and Panel) – Golf Channel

The entire Golf Channel panel last night was a joke, sadly including Nobilo and David Duval. We expect as much from the legendary one-time PGA Tour winner Brandel Chamblee, but it was disappointing to see Duval and Nobilo join the pig pile.

9. Brian Wacker – Golf World

Wacker writes that Mickelson now has a “cross to bear.” Talk about drama-queen overkill. This is simply embarrassing.

10. Joe Buck – FOX Sports

This guy would not give it a rest all day long. In between calling Daniel Berger “Dana Berger,” and telling the FOX audience that Phil has struggled since breaking up with his caddie Bones (despite having his best season in years and capturing his first win since 2013), Buck droned on and on and on… right up until the sun was setting on Long Island Sound, using the old, “what do you say to those fans (meaning himself)…” in a post-round prosecution of the USGA’s Mike Davis and John Bodenhamer for not DQ-ing Phil.

These tweets sum up Buck’s Saturday.

PS – Did you know there’s a four-way tie for the lead after 54 holes!?



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