6 Superb Golf Gifts For Father’s Day

DuoTrac gives the golfer attention they need 24/7. Take the guesswork out of your training by monitoring all key elements of your performance with 4D analytics. Credit: DuoTrac.com

The typical Father’s Day gifts of mugs and ties are frankly overdone and monotonous.  Here are some new suggestions for this year’s Father’s Day to truly surprise him – and that may even help with his golf game.

1. SwingJuice T-Shirts

Comfy and Stylish – $25

SwingJuice T-shirts are perfect to wear while chilling and watching the U.S. Open, or just for a unique t-shirt to wear out. The premium 50% polyester, 25% combed and ringspun cotton, and 25% rayon provide a soft and durable fabric suitable to wear for any occasion.

The t-shirts catchy phrases such as “Golf and Tacos” and “Sweet Tee” are sure to grab attention. Their new U.S. Open design is definitively different and will be a huge hit.

2. Cure RX Series Putters

Putt Like a Pro – $259.95

Is finding the right putter a challenge for the father figure in your life? Cure Putters may be just the cure (pun intended). These putters deliver the highest moment of inertia in the business (MOI, a scientific term for stability). These putters are amazingly stable and forgiving. The whole face is the sweet spot.

The Cure RX Series putters are lie adjustable so the putter is sure to fit your father perfectly. The Cure RX Series putters are also weight adjustable, over a huge range, so your dad can have it his way — light, heavy or somewhere in between.

Does your dad want to be a better putter? Then buy him a better putter. The Cure RX Series is awesome!

3. DuoTrac

Swing Analysis – $129 regular, 35% Father’s Day deal

This isn’t any ordinary swing analysis.  Instead of a single point analyzer, or a single sensor, this “4D analyzer” provides 4 sensors to track club face angle, transition, club face angle at impact, and weight shift.  The data provided will help correct his swing in real-time and allows him to practice with a purpose.

4. ManCrate – The Golfer’s Crate

Rugged and Manly – $99.99

The gift starts off with the rugged experience of crowbar-ing into a wooden crate to find the gift. Between the two crate options, he is sure to find something intriguing amidst the collection nestled within the manly crate.  These gifts are practical and can be utilized often.

5. Bose – SoundSport Wireless Headphones

Sleek and Rory-like – $149.95


These water-proof, sweat-resistant, wireless headphones are perfect for not only golf, but also for general exercising and yard work (his favorite).  The wireless capability will allow his practice swing to be unimpeded and take away any excuse for his out-of-bounds drive.

6. Custom Nike Golf balls

Swoosh Swag – $52


Nike now allows the public to customize their golf balls, from choosing the color of the swoosh to adding personal messages.  Rory added RM5 with a green camo swoosh at the 2016 Masters, and will be using golf balls that say US2 at the U.S. Open for a potential second U.S. Open Championship. Brooks Koepka will use the specialized NikeID to honor his dad for Father’s day by putting his initials on his golf balls, while Paul Casey will inscribe his son’s name Lex on his.

Inscribe this father’s day gift with your dad’s name, and/or a personalized message.


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