Bill Clinton’s Cousin Accuses Golf Channel of Sexism

Lisa Cornwell Bill Clinton
Former Golf Channel reporter Lisa Cornwell and former president Bill Clinton. Graphic: PGW

Lisa Cornwell, a cousin of former president Bill Clinton, was featured in a glowing piece published in the Washington Post, in which the former Golf Channel employee posits the NBC-owned network as sexist.

The Arkansas native has filed a complaint with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging discrimination, and retaliation for her charges, before she departed the golf network.

The instances Cornwell cites as being discriminatory seem anything but prejudiced – as there is not a single example where a man would be treated differently, but I’ll leave the legitimacy of her case to lawyers and legal pundits.

The purpose of this post is to address the hypocrisy of this piece of propaganda. It is absolutely mind blowing.

First, the story is published by The Washington Post, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, who infamously sexted pics of his private parts to a woman. So right off the bat any kind of #MeToo narrative pushed by his team of propagandists, particularly to assist a political agenda, is laughable and holds zero credibility.

(I mean, for the Post’s writer to casually drop Bill Clinton’s name in a story headlined, ‘At Golf Channel, women say, sexism fuels a ‘boys club’ culture,’ and not disclose some contextual history, is flat-out corrupt.)

Second, we have the accuser, Ms Cornwell, the cousin of the 42nd POTUS – the man who inarguably ran the most powerful “boys clubs” in modern American history – first in Arkansas, and later in Washington.

Unlike Ms. Cornwell, these women were not simply yelled at for doing a lousy job, they were used, abused, and ruined – both personally and professionally. Not a single one ever recovered to find gainful employment and/or even live a normal life. They were eternally cast as “trash” and punchlines.

Imagine if in response to Ms Cornwell’s charges, Golf Channel executives said, “If you drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.”

Also unlike Cornwell, the Washington Post was never sympathetic to Clinton’s accusers – not in the least. In fact, they became one of the president’s fiercest attack dogs, running hundreds of hit pieces on these ordinary citizens.

Not to get into the details, but compare Cornwell’s example of being scolded by Brandel Chamblee (for a legitimate screwup) to, well… do a search for Bill Clinton + cigar (Monica), or – ice pack (Juanita Broaddrick), or – zipper (Paula Jones), or – small breasts (Kathleen Willey), or – fondled breasts (Leslie Millwee), or – just Gennifer Flowers.

You get the gist.

Finally, aside from the faux outrage, Lisa Cornwell was simply not one of the golf network’s standout personalities. While she may be related to Bill Clinton, she had none of his charisma or personality. In fact, on camera, she came off more stone-cold and scripted like Hillary, who, ironically, also cried sexism and misogyny after receiving her own pink slip (from voters).


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