John Daly Shows Up at the Insperity Sporting a Spiffy New Beard

John Daly
John Daly 2017 after winning the Insperity Invitational and Daly today during practice round ahead of the 2021 edition. (PGA TOUR IG)

John Daly showed up to the Insperity Invitational in his usual attire – loud and proud. But this week the two-time major winner is sporting a stylish beard, and living up to his reputation as happy go-lucky Johnny D.

And despite the toll life has taken on him – age, health, and just living in the fast lane, JD still has that grip it and rip it swing.

Check it out in the second slide where he bashes some kind of utility wood, barely looks, then grabs his tee, and limps away. Classic Daly.

The guy is just legendary based and the very definition of giving zero cares about the opinions of others – especially the media.


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