Jordan Spieth Feels “Great About the State” Of His Game


Most golf fans are well aware of the perplexing struggles of Jordan Spieth. The three-time major winner hasn’t won a tournament since the 2017 British Open, and hasn’t posted a top-10 since 2018’s edition of the same event.

In 10 starts to the 2019 season he’s yet to even finish in the top-20.

So it was only natural to ask Spieth if he’s lowered expectations for this year’s Masters Tournament:

What are your expectations for the week and are they different from your expectations from any of the previous four years?

JORDAN SPIETH: They aren’t any different. My expectations are high this week. I feel great about the state of my game right now. I feel like my recent results aren’t a tell of where my game is actually at, and I feel I’ve made a lot of strides in the last couple days in the tee‑to‑green game, really just off the tee, my long game, which has been the only separation from being able to win golf tournaments over the last month or so.

So I feel really good about my game, where it’s at, heading into this week. It’s just a matter of trust in the stuff that I’m working on, and I don’t feel like I have to play well. I don’t feel like there’s any added pressure this week. I feel kind of under the radar, which is really nice, and that changes day‑to‑day out here, though.

Golf’s obviously a very up‑and‑down game, and consistency is a very difficult thing. Can you explain how the sport humbles a player and what the highs teach you about the lows and vice versa, the lows about the highs?

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I think because it requires such precision, that even the most basic things can get off, and when you nail them in as much as we nail them in, that could make things worse. Practice doesn’t always make things perfect in this sport because sometimes you actually need to figure out what you need to be working on.

And if you’re trying to do the wrong things, it can send you down a hole and it can certainly humble you. I’ve been on the top of the golf world, and then I’ve lived through the expectations of being young on top of the golf world, and the good and the bad in that.

I feel like I’m in a good place now of kind of seeing it for what it is. Seeing the longevity of the career and how you do go through up‑and‑downs, and everybody does. And it’s how quickly can you climb out of the lows and how high can you go for the highs, and that’s the goal.

I feel like I’m on the rise right now. That’s just the way I feel. I don’t think I need results to prove anything otherwise. I know where my game is at and I know that good things are coming soon.


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