Update: PGA Tour Breaks Silence on Bryson DeChambeau Getting Trolled, Taunted By Goons

Bryson DeChambeau Taunted By Fans at BMW Championship
Bryson DeChambeau reacts to a missed putt on the 17th green in the third playoff hole during the final round of the BMW Championship at Caves Valley GC on Aug 29, 2021 in Owings Mills, MD. (Photo by Ben Jared / PGA TOUR via Getty Images)

After a gut-punch type loss in a six-hole playoff at the BMW Championship, Bryson DeChambeau was heading for the clubhouse when some drunk clown standing along the rope line, yelled, “Great job, Brooksie.”

This is according to a report by ESPN’s Kevin Van Valkenburg.

In a follow-up post at Golfweek, writer Todd Kelly called the taunt “unoriginal and over-played.”

That’s being kind. The taunt is single digit IQ clown show stuff, and according to Van Valkenburg the “Brooksie” calls were heard throughout Sunday’s finale at the Baltimore area golf course, despite attempts by the NBC golf broadcast to downplay it.

This episode follows what Golf Digest’s Shane Ryan rightfully called “four-plus hours of bullying” DeChambeau at the WGC event in Memphis, which ruined the day of one family.

Back to the ESPN report: DeChambeau generally ignores the real-life trolling, or so he says, but this time the 27-year-old star reportedly turned around and walked towards the goon.

“You know what? Get the f*** out!” DeChambeau said.

Van Valkenburg wrote that DeChambeau “had rage in his eyes.” He also opined that at this point, “Koepka probably couldn’t call” off the goon squad, “even if he wanted to.”

Which begs these questions: What does it say about Koepka as a man not to attempt a de-escalation? And where’s the PGA Tour… do they think it’s good publicity to have one of their top stars trolled for hours on end by drunk fans every time he tees it up? Do you think this would be allowed if it were Rory McIlroy or Collin Morikawa? (Not a chance!) And where the hell is PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan in this whole fiasco… why hasn’t he at least made a public statement to condemn the fans’ behavior?

Bottom-line, the whole debacle is on the shoulders of the PGA Tour for not stepping in sooner to mediate.

Update: The PGA Tour finally woke up and addressed the issue.

“The barometer that we are all using is the word ‘respect,’” said Jay Monahan. “And to me, when you hear ‘Brooksie’ yelled or you hear any expression yelled, the question is, is that respectful or disrespectful?

“That has been going on for an extended period of time. To me, at this point, it’s disrespectful, and that’s kind of behavior that we’re not going to tolerate going forward.”

He added, “Comments or gestures that undermine the inclusive and welcoming nature of the game will not be tolerated, nor will any harassment of players, caddies, volunteers, officials, staff, or other spectators.”

The penalty for doing so will be expulsion and loss of credential or ticket.

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