Pro Tip: Hold That Pose Like Paige (And Jack)


Paige Spiranac is a professional golfer who also happens to be one of the game’s biggest stars on Instagram. The former San Diego State player, and Callaway staffer, is currently teeing it up on some of the minor league tours with the hopes of one day taking a crack at the LPGA Tour’s Q School.

Paige offers today’s Pro Tip of the Day.

On your swing’s follow through, always make sure to hold the pose. It will help you hit the target and avoid trouble.

Always hold the follow through! #callaway #descentegolf #golf

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Now many readers may think this post was done tongue in cheek – simply to throw up a post with Paige’s photo as click bait.

That may have been the initial idea (it’s the end of the month and I need my page views). But on further review, this is really a solid pro tip. And it proves that Paige’s looks and body (that’s curvier than 17 Mile Drive) sometimes overshadow the seriousness of her game.

Even Jack Nicklaus has driven this tip home over the years.

PGA Professional Jack Grout works with a young Jack Nicklaus on his follow through. (Credit: PGA)

“My motto is: Pick a conservative target, then make an aggressive swing to it. You’ll make a complete backswing and a freer release through the ball, and that will result in better contact and a straighter shot. You can get in trouble when you don’t complete your swing or you hold off your follow-through.”
-Jack Nicklaus (via Golf Digest)

Credit: Paige Spiranac Instagram,, Golf Digest, Jack Nicklaus,


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