TaylorMade Asks Insta Golfers If They Warm Up Like Tiger; Comedy Ensues

Tiger Woods apparently starts each range session with a few wedge shots before moving to his 8-iron. At least according to TaylorMade.

Posting to Instagram, with the hashtag #MadeToGrind, TaylorMade uploads a photo of the co-GOAT hitting a TM wedge, and asks, “How do you begin your warmup?”

Let’s just say the Insta Bros enjoyed some serious trolling in the comments (below).

A sampling of the comments:

Jake: “Driver off the deck”

Jordan: “Driver off the deck”

Branden: “Straight to driver”

Brian: “Chunk, chunk, shank, blade, chunk”

Elia: “Smoking a bowl”

Dog: “With a shot of tequila”

Novo: “Shot of fireball and a couple of Advil”

Lud: “With a beer”

Val: “? ?”

Kyle: “Tito’s and water”

Barnsy: “Arrive a hour before…have 4 drafts, put my golf shoes…ask what the course record is and proceed to the 1st tee box ??”

(Usernames altered to protect privacy.)


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