Watch Brooks Koepka’s Super Bowl Commercial For Michelob Ultra


Taking a break from social media, Brooks Koepka tried his hand at acting, with a couple of spots for Michelob Ultra during the Super Bowl.

The “Palm Beach gangster” appeared in two Michelob commercials during the big game: the first as a supporting actor in an ad starring NFL Hall of Famer Peyton Manning and NBA star Jimmy Butler.

In the second spot, Koepka was the main star, alongside an actor playing the part of bar caddie, who golf whispered reasons why Michelob Ultra Seltzer was the drink to play.

The script:

Koepka: “So what’s the play?”

Caddie: “Alright, let’s go with Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer. It has zero sugar.”

Koepka: “Really?”

Caddie: “Yeah, and zero carbs.”

Koepka: “Zero!?”

Caddie: “Yeah, zero.”

Koepka: “Oh, really?”

Caddie: “Yeah, really.”

Koepka: “Zero?”

Caddie: “Zero. And did I mention it’s organic.”

Koepka: “Yeah, first thing you said.”

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