Watch “Professor Nut Job” Eddie Pepperell’s Two-Step Swing Drill


Eddie Pepperell is teeing it up this week at the Tenerife Open, and during a practice day, the Englishman showed off a new practice drill he picked up from Laurie Canter.

“I’m not striking the ball that well. And I’m kind of struggling a bit with my sequencing,” said Pepperell. “So I asked him – what would you do? If you were in my position.

“And he said he would do this thing called a step drill. So he got me doing it, and I did it with a couple of shots and I must say, on camera, it looks a lot better the thing I’m lacking at the moment is a strong feeling in my swing.

“And it’s not really quite been there so I need to find something that gives me a strong feel that probably, that could so I’m off to the range now to see what we discover.”

Eddie Pepperell Step Swing
Eddie Pepperell attempts to fix his struggles with a swing drill called the “step drill.” (European Tour IG Screengrab)

Canter explained the swing drill in a bit more detail.

“Well you know what he’s (Pepperell) like – he’s a professor, um, nut job isn’t he?,” said Canter, during practice time at Golf Costa Adeje.

“So he’s always having a little fiddle and a chat with his swing, and it’s just something my coach Alan Thompson gets me to do. He calls it the step drill.

“Just get my body moving a bit more dynamically – I got a tendency to move my arms and lower body independently. So it’s just to trying to get yourself to move in a more natural way to help deliver the club a bit more efficiently”

When asked how Pepperell was doing as a pupil, Canter said “Good yeah he looks good actually. So he looks like he was happy with what we saw on video. So yeah who knows.

“Maybe we’ll see him doing it on Sunday afternoon. I hope so.”

Watch Eddie Pepperell’s Two-Step Swing Drill

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