Woke Smear Merchant Kicked Out of LIV Golf Presser, Then Cries on Twitter

Alan Shipnuck Cries
Alan Shipnuck is shown crying in this meme. (Twitter)

Alan Shipnuck, who became famous on golf twitter for cancelling Phil Mickelson, showed up in London to promote his book and basically troll Lefty (which he’d hinted about on Twitter).

Before he could make a scene and get the publicity he was seeking, LIV Golf security removed the mudslinger from Phil’s press conference.

So, what’s a self-aggrandizing clown to do for publicity when his plan is foiled? Well, go cry on Twitter about “neckless dudes” and “Al Capone” or some such beta nonsense.

Cry more.


  1. I guess Jeff you have decided to become the pro Liv Golf writer.

    These are the Saudi’s who funded the 9/11 attacks. And now you think they are signing guys like Pat Perez with 8 figure signing bonuses because they love golf

    • I don’t care what you point out. My point has never been in defense of the Saudis. It’s always been about hypocrisy and selective outrage of the woke media, where the U.S. government can make billions from the Saudis (selling weapons) and brands like Twitter and Apple can accept investments from the Saudis. But golfers are smeared and attacked for doing similar.

      These same frauds at places like WaPo, whose owner (Bezos) has offices in Saudi Arabia, defend Lebron and the NBA for making billions from the mass-murdering Chinese Communists while attacking LIV Tour players.

      Then you have the United Arab Emirates (underwriters of the DP World Tour, Race to Dubai, DP World Championship, etc). These golf writers never said a word about “human rights abuses” or called it “blood money” when the European Tour sold its entire tour title to the UAE, who are basically a mini-me of the Saudis.

      The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known by millions as the stage of another F1 race or as the generous owner of the Manchester City soccer team or as the sponsor of the European Golf Tour’s season-long points race (Race to Dubai) and host of its season-ending championship. People, however, often ignore the fact that the UAE is a place where a woman (even a princess) can be kidnapped by her father if she doesn’t abide by the strict gender roles of society and where any form of freedom of press or speech is forbidden.

      Human Rights Watch: UAE: Tolerance Narrative a Sham; Censorship; Surveillance; Prison or Barred Entry for Critics

      I could go on and on with examples of duplicity, i.e. Brandel Chamblee criticizing Phil Mickelson on the set of NBC’s Golf Channel – the same NBC which broadcast the Olympics from Communist China, aka the Genocide Games.

      Where’s the “Sportswashing” Outrage With Communist China?



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