3 Key Statistics To Win The U.S. Open

Angel Cabrera won the 2007 U.S. Open at Oakmont by performing well in three important statistics. Credit AP

The members even revel in it. The fairways are narrow, undulating and well protected by bunkers. The rough will be penal and the greens are an adventure of their own.

In 2007, Angel Cabrera won with a score of +5 (285). He was long off the tee and hit a bunch of greens. He also was adept at avoiding three-putts. In fact, Cabrera was the only player to rank in the Top 10 in all three statistical categories: Driving Distance, GIR, and 3-Putt Avoidance.

Angel Cabrera - 2007 U.S. Open Numbers

[orbit_number_counter animate=”animate_none” number=”6″ title=”3-PUTT AVOIDANCE – RANK”]
[orbit_number_counter animate=”animate_none” number=”3″ title=”GIR – RANK”]
[orbit_number_counter animate=”animate_none” number=”2″ title=”DRIVING DISTANCE – RANK”]

These same statistics will play a crucial role at this year’s US Open.


The winner will need to hit it long and straight. It will be a huge advantage to have shorter irons to the greens, even if it means that the player is hitting from the rough.


Hitting Greens in Regulation will be the most important number for the winner. The rough around the green is thick and gnarly. Making up and downs will not be that easy.


The greens are huge at Oakmont. And as such, hitting in the right places will be crucial. They are undulating and will play quick this week. Avoiding three-putts will be key this week.


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