5 Things To Know: PXG GEN2 Putters (Plus Photo Gallery)

GEN2 Putter Collection from PXG
A look at the all new GEN2 Putter Collection from PXG. Photos Credit: PXG; Graphics: Pro Golf Weekly

PXG has rolled out its new line of GEN2 putters, and in my best Bob Parson’s imitation, “These babies are absolute eye candy.”

With that, here are five things to know about the new putter collection from the bad boys of golf.

  1. The GEN2 putter collection includes eight (8) styles (5 mallets, 3 blades):
    • Bat Attack (Mallet)
    • Operator (Mallet)
    • Gunboat (Mallet)
    • Mini Gunboat (Mallet)
    • Lucky D (Mid Mallet)
    • Closer (Blade)
    • Mustang (Blade)
    • Brandon (Blade).
  2. Each of the eight models can customized using eight different configurations:
    • Dexterity (L or R)
    • Finish (2 Choices)
    • Hosel (3 Choices)
    • Club Loft (5 Choices)
    • Club Lie (7 Choices)
    • Shaft Length (11 Choices)
    • Grip (9 Choices)
    • Weight Kit (5 Choices)
  3. Each putter can be configured using one of three different hosels:
    • Plumbers Neck (Full Offset)
    • Heel Shaft (Half Shaft)
    • Double Bend (Half Shaft, Full Bend)
  4. Each of the eight putter models is available in one of two finishes:
    • Chrome or Black.
  5. They will cost you $500 online at PXG.com.

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