8 Most Thought-Provoking Goosebump-Inducing Nike Golf Commercials of All Time


The shocking news of Nike abandoning the golf equipment market has brought about some teary-eyed memories of great commercials past.

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlRoy, arguably two of golf’s biggest stars (then and now) are/were Nike endorsers. Tiger put Nike Golf on the map (just as MJ did for basketball), and had passed the torch to McIlroy for the foreseeable future.  Their choice of clubs may be in doubt, but you can’t doubt how awesome the commercials they were once a part of are.

Here are the 8 most thought-provoking, goosebump-inducing Nike Golf commercials of all time.

8. Tiger was Rory’s Hero


7. Tiger Woods Returns to Golf with His Father’s Inspirational Words


6. “Frank” the Talking Headcover

5. Tiger’s Famous Juggling Act


4. Tiger as Your Playing Partner

3. Tiger Woods Makes Everyone Better on the Driving Range

2. Tiger vs Rory “No Cup is Safe”


1. “Golf’s Not Hard”


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