After Canceling Justin Thomas, Ralph Lauren Sounds Pathetic in Ryder Cup Promo

Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas plays a shot on hole No. 1 during the third round of the TOUR Championship at East Lake GC on Sep 22, 2018 in Atlanta, GA. Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Nothing against Davis Love III but when you had one of the world’s best in Justin Thomas, yet you dumped him to appease the woke mob, you are forever fools.

And that’s where Ralph Lauren still is today: a once great American brand that overdosed on wokeness, and is now just going through the motions.

In a pathetic press release, touting itself as “the official outfitter for the 2021 U.S. Ryder Cup team,” Ralph Lauren ignored the (Alabama) elephant in the room (i.e. JT), and instead had assistant captain Love talking about how he once spotted Tony Finau in an airport wearing a Ralph Lauren jacket.

Yes. Really.

“Love recalls spotting Tony Finau sporting his Ryder Cup jacket at the Atlanta airport months after the tournament.”

Also, Patrick Reed has apparently worn the pin-striped pants in real PGA Tour competition.

“He also mentioned how often Patrick Reed wore the iconic pin-striped pant from the Ryder Cup’s previous collection in PGA Tour play.”

Sad and pitiful.


  1. Thank you for calling out Keopka ‘s self centered disgusting behavior towards Dechambaur & the entire PGA players. It is obvious he will say & do anything for attention & call it “ promoting the game of golf”. The only thing he is promoting is himself. Thank you also for calling out R. Lauren & how they treated JT. They sure lost thousands of dollars I use to spend on the Lauren brand yearly. It was also disgusting to listen to Davis promoting the “ Lauren brand” & I lost respect for him as well . Thank you also for calling out “ woke golf “. Golf has been this household go to sport since “ wokeism “ & our hope is that we do not have to stop watching , so they can appease the “loud” few. I so appreciate the comment from the soccer player… sports/players should remain inclusive & stay out of politics which is devisive! I’m of the era where we were taught well mannered people never discussed politics, religion or money in a social gathering….. those were personal choices & should not be used to judge another. I do like the “ political label “ independent because that is what we should all strive to be… independent , broad minded thinkers who voice our opinions @ the polls through voting, voice our opinion through what church we decide to attend or not & where we spend our money. Do people want to change the world? Get out & volunteer for causes you are passionate about , support your community by getting involved in your community… be a positive proactive person in your community to bring people together NOT a divisive individual whose only goal is to focus attention on THEMSELVES!


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