9 Reasons Why This is the Most Awesome Golf Photo

This picture by Stan Badz of the PGA Tour is simply spectacular.

Sometimes a picture is a good narrative builder and adds depth to a story. And sometimes a picture stands on its own, and requires no words.

This photo by Stan Badz of the PGA Tour is one of those times.

It is quite simply awesome.

Credit: Stan Badz/PGA Tour
Credit: Stan Badz/PGA Tour

1. The winner, Billy Hurley III, kissing his wife, Heather.
2. Hurley’s young daughter, Madison, being held in his left arm.
3. His oldest son, Will, wrapping his arms around his dad from behind.
4. His youngest son, Jacob, with his arm around the shoulder of older brother Will.
5. The American flag held by Madison, signifying the meaning behind the tournament, and Hurley III’s status as a veteran.
6. The CBS Sports camera crew behind the family to drive home the moment as noteworthy.
7. The arm of CBS’s Peter Kostis (who was conducting a live TV interview) coming in from the left, suggesting his realization that this moment was more important.
8. The name of Hurley III on the back of the caddie’s bib, which provides context for the casual golf fan.
9. Finally, the Quicken Loans name on the same caddie’s bib to plug the military/veterans-supporting tournament — and to provide further context to the average fan.


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