Biden’s DOJ Now Targets Trump’s Relationship With LIV Golf

President Donald Trump 2022 LIV Golf Bedminster
Former President Donald Trump shakes hands with Bryson DeChambeau during day 1 of the LIV Golf Invitational Series on July 29, 2022 at Trump National GC in Bedminster, NJ. (Photo by Rich Graessle for Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

“We are living in a communist country,” my golfing buddy Jim texted me after news broke last summer that “Sleepy Joe” Biden’s DOJ had raided the Florida home of former president Donald Trump. It marked a first in America: the U.S. Justice Department had raided the home of a former U.S. President – not to mention the top political rival of the current POTUS.

My buddy added, “this is peak Stalinism.”

I wasn’t so sure.

But then came the historic proxy indictment (without a crime) by the Biden goons in NYC this past spring. I needed no more convincing.

Another indictment is said to be coming from Biden’s thugs down in Georgia. And Biden’s DOJ is also investigating Trump over classified docs (despite himself illegally having docs stuffed in his garage, among other unsecure locations). Then you have the fake civil case being funded by LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman, a big time Democrat party funder. And of course, there’s Biden’s NY State AG who got elected by promising to target Trump’s business dealings.

And on and on it goes. Today, it’s called political lawfare. But it’s really just a tactic of communism: seize power (i.e. coup), then consolidate power (i.e. purge).

Brooks Koepka and Donald Trump 2022 LIV Golf Bedminster
Team Captain Brooks Koepka of Smash GC and former U.S. President Donald Trump shake hands on the practice range during day 2 of the LIV Golf Invitational – Bedminster at Trump National GC on July 30, 2022 in Bedminster, NJ. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton for LIV via Getty Images)

So, what does this all of this have to do with golf, you ask?

Well now Trump’s relationship with LIV Golf is being investigated by Biden’s DOJ goons.

According to Outkick, Biden’s DOJ leaked to the far-left NY Times that it had filed a subpoena against the Trump Organization on Thursday. The Biden 2024 legal team (aka the DOJ) now wants to “investigate” (then leak) information about the 45th POTUS’ relationship with the breakaway golf league.

Trump golf courses will host three LIV Golf tournaments in 2023. Oh, the horror!

After this latest news, my buddy texted again: “I told you! It will never end.”

He added, “Some so-called ‘democracy,’ huh? More like a third world banana republic!”

It sure is.



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