ESPN Beclowns Itself With Latest Hit Piece on Greg Norman

Commissioner Greg Norman
Greg Norman will become the new commissioner of a pro golf tour. (Photo via

The headline at far-left ESPN reads: ‘Hang your head in shame: Greg Norman criticized by Australian golfers for LIV role, comments about Jamal Khashoggi’s killing‘.

You’re naturally thinking, “whoa, was it Adam Scott, or Cam Smith, or Marc Leishman, or Matt Jones, or even Stuart Appleby?”

Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. And nope.

The fake newsers went on a fishing expedition Down Under to cancel The Shark; yet could only convince a washed-up two-time tour winner in Wayne Grady and the always-triggered Karrie Webb to provide useful quotes for its predetermined hit piece.

Come on ESPN: if you’re going to claim “golfers in Australia now are having difficulty maintaining” respect for Norman at least make sure you can come up with something better than two irrelevant names.


  1. ESPN is such communist trash. That bald headed goofball is the worst and David Duval offers nothing. What they did during the Trump admin – basically becoming a political network and calling their viewers racist for not being woke enough.

    Golf fans and golfers are about 75% right wing – the very demo they trashed for four years. They have balls to think they can come in after trashing them and smearing them and act like nothing happened.

    They have big balls to demand Phil Mickelson apologize and “answer questions.” These slimeballs smeared a half the country and never apologized or “explained” anything.

    F ESPN!


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