Survey: Golf Fans Blame Media’s Cancel Culture For Phil Mickelson’s Absence

Phil Mickelson walks up the 18th fairway as fans cheer during the final round of the 2021 PGA Championship held at the Ocean Course of Kiawah Island Golf Resort on May 23, 2021 in Kiawah Island, South Carolina. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Fans surveyed at Southern Hills, ahead of the PGA Championship, blame the media for Phil Mickelson’s absence, with many agreeing that the media ran a coordinated cancel campaign to damage the legacy of the six-time major winner.

Spectators were asked: Who do you blame for Phil Mickelson’s absence from this year’s PGA Championship?

  • Phil Mickelson
  • PGA Tour
  • PGA of America
  • Media/Cancel Culture

“The media is absolutely despicable. They have gone so overboard with this issue, it’s disgusting,” said Tom from Jenks, Oklahoma. “These are bad people who have nothing better to do than to tear down others. Look at what they did to Justin Thomas in 2021 or even Jack Nicklaus ahead of the election… By the way, how right was Jack?

“How did a sport whose fans and players are overwhelmingly conservative, or just normal, non-woke, end up with a golf media that’s basically one-hundred percent far-left?” said Jim from Oklahoma City (OK).

Golfweek Phil Mickelson Smear Campaign
A look at Golfweek’s smear campaign against Phil Mickelson during the PGA Championship. (Screengrab)

“Look at today,” said Cameron from Stillwater (OK), who pulled out his iPhone and opened up (instead of “Their three top stories are all hit jobs on Phil… not betting tips or how to watch… Nope, just hit pieces on Phil. Ridiculous!”

“The media by far,” said Bill from Dallas (TX), when asked the question. “Have you seen Golfweek? There’s one guy… I forget his name but his whole schtick is trashing anyone who’s not promoting the leftist agenda.”

“Don’t forget that [unintelligible] clown,” said Bill’s friend Jim, also from Dallas. “He even wrote a blog how he was going to cancel Phil by calling all his sponsors. The golf media is as far left as the news media.”

Phil Mickelson Wins 2021 PGA Championship
Fans sit in front of a leaderboard that reads, “Congratulations Phil Mickelson” after his win at the 2021 PGA Championship held at the Ocean Course of Kiawah Island Golf Resort on May 23, 2021 in Kiawah Island, SC. (Photo by Patrick Smith via Getty Images)


  1. Who do you blame for Phil Mickelson’s absence from this year’s PGA Championship?
    • Phil Mickelson 12%
    • PGA Tour 6%
    • PGA of America 3%
    • Media/Cancel Culture 79%


  1. Golf week has gone down hill completely since USA Today bought them out a couple years ago. It’s basically the MSNBC of golf media – a bunch of woke communists posing as golf writers. I just checked and their stories on the pga are basically all trashing phil.
  2. When USA Today bought Golfweek the first thing they did was get rid of their longtime golf writers and replace them with woke clowns whose only credential was being a leftist. They also removed their comment section because every comment was in opposition to the author’s leftwing hot take.

    It’s what marxists always do. They understand that only a small sliver of the citizenry buy into their far-left ideology (pronouns, transgenderism, gay agenda grooming, vaccine/mask authoritarianism, green new deal (aka cancel drilling and pipelines = $7 gas), cancel culture, defund the police, ministry of truth (ex: “save democracy by limiting free speech”), etc. AND almost no golfer or golf fan buys into this lunacy.

    The goal was to change the culture of golf (including players, fans, media) from being apolitical conservative to engaged politically leftwing (ex: the PGA and PGA Tour were forced to launch Depts of Marxism, otherwise known as Diversity, Inclusion and Equity).

    The good news: the normals are getting sick of the woke mafia’s tactics – see Elon Musk, Netflix, Ministry of Truth, Disney, etc.

  3. ESPN – as guilty of leading the woke mob as anyone. What a bunch of wimps who never made the Team but now carry a 7 handi at Golf Club of Avon and think they’re 10x Major winners. Followed closely by Golf Channel, not surprisingly owned by NBC. They suck, are disgusting and I won’t watch a second of it.

    This should be renamed The Tiger Woods Show anyway, as every stroke the cheating hack takes is slobbered on. I can’t wait for Eldrick to NOT make the cut. Hope to never see him on a golf course again.



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