Charles Barkley, Bill Simmons Best Summed Up The Match: Tiger vs Phil


The pre-game hook being pitched by the organizers (and participants) of The Match: Tiger vs Phil was twofold: World-class golf by two of the game’s greatest ever, who’ll also be mic’d up so fans will be able to hear the between-shot smack talk between the two legends.

On both accounts, though, the event didn’t come close to delivering, as the form of both superstars was relatively mediocre, while the promised banter and trash talking was very limited.

TNT’s Charles Barkley, and HBO’s Bill Simmons – two guys better known for basketball analysis, probably summed it up best:

In relation to the lack of top-shelf golf many fans were expecting, Barkley said, “America this is some crappy golf. Ya’ll know that…”

And as for the promised trash talking (or any kind, for that matter), Simmons tweeted: “Biggest reveal so far is that Phil and Tiger would have the worst podcast ever.”

Other than that, it wasn’t too bad.


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