Cleveland Golf’s Innovative Wedges Set to Hit Market


Short-game struggles? Can’t get out of the sand? Yips around the greens? Cleveland Golf believes they have a simple solution: the Smart Sole 3 wedges.

Designed to be especially forgiving, the Smart Sole 3 S and C wedges are scientifically engineered for short-game prowess.

The wide, three-tiered sole on the Smart Sole 3’s allow the club to cut mellifluously through any kind of lie, promising cleaner contact and an improved result. According to Cleveland Golf, it is the most forgiving of all their wedges. The margin of error expands tremendously.

The wedges also feature technology that creates greater feel: a weight-redistribution from the hosel toward the toe, which moves the center of gravity closer to the center of the club. The result? Better control and more tap-in birdies.

The launch date for the innovative wedges is July 24, but they are available now for pre-sale.



  • Cleveland Golf’s newest product, the Smart Sol 3 C and S wedges, is set to hit the market July 24th. The S wedge is designed for easier bunker shots, while the C is designed for optimal chipping.
  • The soles of both the S and the C are three-tiered, which is intended to lead to smoother interaction with the turf/bunker. This increased playability is likely their biggest selling point.
  • The wedges engage something called “Feel Balancing Technology”, referring to the center of gravity moving towards the center, which is accomplished by putting the closer to the toe of the club. This leads to greater feel around the greens.
  • The S wedges are optimized at 58 degrees of loft, leading to higher and softer shots.
  • The C wedges, meanwhile, are set at 42 degrees, which combined with a shorter club length, promote more precision with chip shots.
  • The wedges, for both men and women, are priced at $119.99 MAP. A men’s graphite version is also available for $129.99.

The Skinny

Brand: Cleveland Golf
Model: Smart Sol 3 C and S Wedges
Lofts: S (58), C (42)
Price Point: $119
Available: July 24, 2017


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