Dufner Goes On Twitter Tear After Chamblee Blocks Him

Jason Dufner

Golf Channel commentator Brandel Chamblee is infamous for having thin skin on Twitter. Instead of engaging in debate, the one-time PGA Tour winner simply blocks anyone who dares disagree with the self-anointed expert.

According to a post on Golf Digest, Chamblee has now added a major champion to the other “20,000(!) people on Twitter” he’s blocked.

Jason Dufner shared a screen grab of what he now sees when he tries to view Chamblee’s Tweets.


The background of the Twitter spat:

So what caused all this animosity? No, it wasn’t an argument over Tiger Woods’ latest comeback. Instead, Dufner came to the defense of his swing coach, Chuck Cook (No. 3 on Golf Digest’s most recent list of the 50 Best Teachers in America), after someone said Chamblee made some comments at a teaching seminar that upset the longtime instructor. Dufner then got into a back-and-forth with another person, but kept also replying to Chamblee, who asked him several times to take him off the thread. Anyway, here’s how Chamblee explained his decision to block Dufner and others:

Dufner’s Tweet Storm

Apparently Twitter victims are now coming forward to say they’ve also been blocked by the Great Chamblee.

Chamblee claims that he blocked Dufner for being profane but Duf only used the F word once and basically bleeped it.

Dufner followers are also finding old tweets with profane language that Chamblee has either liked or retweeted.

Dufner claims that Chamblee is disliked across the board by many on the PGA Tour, and that the TV analyst’s agenda is about one thing and one thing only, Chamblee himself.

Credits: Jason Dufner Twitter, Golf Digest


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