ESPN’s New ’30 For 30′ Starring John Daly Looks Epic


Other than being talented golfers, and major champions, John Daly didn’t have many things in common with the legendary Arnold Palmer. But one thing Daly did share with Palmer was the ability to connect with the common man, albeit in a different way.

And now golf fans will get a closer look at the life and times of John Daly, the good, the bad, and the ugly – in a new ESPN ’30 for 30′ film called ‘Hit It Hard’.

The trailer just dropped and it’s about what you’d expect from the hard-charging, hard-living Daly.

Described over b roll film as having the “swing of a young Jack Nicklaus, the swagger of a young Arnold Palmer…” ‘Hit It Hard’ looks to be a must-watch for golf fans this fall.

Now 50 years old, and playing on the Champions Tour, Daly appears content with his past, while still enjoying life.

‘Hit It Hard’ will debut on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 on ESPN at 8 PM.



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