For Sale: Pro Golf Weekly, Plus High-Value Dot Golf Domains

Pro Golf Weekly
Pro Golf Weekly's covers look great framed.

Pro Golf Weekly is seeking a partner, investor, or new owner.

Related to a buyer, the complete package (copyrighted name, dot com domain, over six seasons of optimized content, marketing collateral, logos, etc) would be available for sale.

The “complete package” is highlighted by six-thousand-five-hundred (6,500) posts/articles, and accompanying media, which provide thousands of passive page views per day.

These archived posts are an absolute goldmine for monetization, particularly for a digital media company with the know-how.

Pro Golf Weekly’s covers of the PGA Tour’s six super events in 2021.
Valuable Content

The content alone has an appraised value between $65,000 and $325,000 or more – depending on one’s appreciative cost per optimized post.

The true importance is its status as archived data that continually produces traffic and credibility.

Pro Golf Weekly PLAYERS Championship Coverage
Pro Golf Weekly’s preview of the PLAYERS Championship via Google News. (Google Screengrab)
Pro Golf Weekly Scottish Open Coverage
Pro Golf Weekly’s preview of the Scottish Open via Google News. (Google Screengrab)
Pro Golf Weekly Ryder Cup Coverage
Pro Golf Weekly’s Ryder Cup coverage via Google News. (Google Screengrab)
High-Value Domains

If one only wishes to purchase the domain name – say for a podcast, email publication, or TV show, this would be priced based on the buyer’s ultimate vision, among other determining factors.

Additionally, the following high-value golf domains are being offered for sale – with generous discounts applied for multiple buys or as part of Pro Golf Weekly “package”:

  1. Talk.Golf
    • Golf’s Social Media Platform or Forum Network or Podcast Aggregator
  2. Buy.Golf
    • Golf Shopping Network or Commerce App/Platform
  3. Send.Golf
    • Golf’s Gift Card Platform or Gift Sending App
  4. Broadcast.Golf
    • Golf Video Network or Golf Video Sharing App
  5. History.Golf
    • Golf’s History Channel: Wiki, Documentaries, Long-Form Storytelling
  6. Stocks.Golf
    • Golf’s Gaming or Fantasy or Financial Trading Platform
  7. TheDaily.Golf
    • Golf Magazine or News Aggregator
  8. Invest.Golf
    • Golf Investment Brand or Trading Platform
  9. Webcast.Golf
    • Golf Webcasting App
  10. GolfTravel.Today
    • Golf Travel Podcast, Video Show, Magazine
  11. ProGolf.Today
    • Accompany Pro Golf Weekly or Standalone Brand
  12. GolfLife.Today
    • Golf Lifestyle Brand, Podcast, Video Show

Each of the above domains can be purchased as a full website/app build-out or just the domain name. Click (Nos. 1-6) links to learn more about the potential of each domain.

For serious inquiries, contact Paul using this form.


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