“It flies like a driver, sounds like a driver, but it’s a hybrid,” Callaway says in a promotion for its new Epic Super Hybrids describing them as having the “DNA and technology of a driver,” and incorporating the highest level of technology they have ever put in this category of clubs.

Fast Facts: Callaway Golf Epic Super Hybrids

Interior: Jailbreak rods
Face: Titanium
Body: Titanium
Crown: Carbon fiber
Weighting: Tungsten
Adj. Weight: sole and hosel
Lofts: 16°, 18°, 21°, 24°, 27°
Retail: Sept. 9, 2021
Price: $399.99 each

What You Need To Know: Callaway Golf Epic Super Hybrids
Callaway Epic Super Hybrid
Callaway Epic Super Hybrid’s lower lofts are designed to perform as fairway wood replacements. Higher lofts are inspired by iron shaping for versatility and turf interaction. (Courtesy Callaway)

Several features of the Epic Supers set them apart from hybrids marketed in prior years by Callaway Golf who have a firm grasp on the top spot as the world’s largest golf equipment company.

According to their test data the Epic Super Hybrids produce the fastest ball speed any of Callaway’s hybrids have ever produced which is another way of saying they are hot and hit the ball farther.

The face and body are titanium, therefore lightweight and offering similar benefits to those in Callaway’s titanium drivers plus these hybrids make use of internal rods that connect the crown and sole limit the amount of crown flex at impact which means more energy is concentrated in the face.

These rods tagged “Jailbreak” are not new, first introduced in the 2017 Great Big Bertha Epic Driver but have been configured for the Super Hybirds based on Callaway’s experience using artificial intelligence software for club design.

Of interest and worth noting, last year’s hybrids, the Apex 21, sold for $269.99 or $130 less than the new Epic Supers while the Big Bertha B21s were $249.99 giving the newbies a premium of $150.

These differentials certainly reflect Callaway’s dominant position in the club business, perhaps even more than the club’s performance advancements.

Learn more: CallawayGolf.com/SuperHybrid


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