Golf Style: 2016 U.S. Open Apparel Scripts

Credit: Under Armour

From the classic looks to the bright and unconventional threads, players are embracing their unique styles.  The upcoming Ryder Cup may also be an influence over the red, white, and blue theme that seems to be trending with some of the American players.

Rickie Fowler

Line: ‘Murica Theme

For the first three days of the tournament, Rickie is rocking the red, white, and blue theme. His classic, white, flat-billed hat even has an ombre blue effect added for his Saturday competition, and on Sunday, Rickie is sticking with his traditional Oklahoma State orange. No high tops or joggers for him at this tournament.

Rory Mcilroy

BRAND: Nike | Shades of Grey Theme

Nike apparently thinks they have a hole-in-one with Rory’s U.S. Open outfit, as it is almost identical to his Master’s outfits. That’s not to say that it isn’t a hole-in-one, since he will be wearing his unique collar style that he pulls off so well.  The muted greys are a little tired, but the addition of a dark navy blue outfit to his collection on Sunday adds a little variation to his overall look.  The neon yellow hat is vibrant and adds the dash of color that he needs to potentially distract from the continuously grey onslaught.

Billy Horschel

BRAND: RLX | Loud Pants Theme

Who else could pull off a 1980’s flashback floral printed pair of pants and still look dapper? Billy as always embraces his bright colors while still maintaining a classic Floridian’s golfer style. His Sunday outfit of plaid pants with a dark shirt will emphasize his patterned pants and will set him apart – as always – from his competition.

Jason Day

BRAND: Adidas | Consistent Theme (Like His Current Game)

Jason Day doesn’t need a wardrobe to set him apart – his tournament play and current number one in the world golf rankings does that for him already. Which is a good thing considering his conventional shirts and stark white hats. He will manage to spice it up a little on Sunday with brighter blue pants, but otherwise, he is keeping it status quo and will let his game do all the talking.

Jordan Spieth

BRAND: Under Armour | Stars and Stripes Theme

Similar to the 2016 Masters and last years U.S. Open, Jordan jump-starts and concludes the 2016 U.S. open with stripes which flank his solid colored polos Friday and Saturday. As reigning champion, he embraces the red, white, and blue with a combination of all three colors on Sunday. Jordan is sticking to his traditional look without much deviation from the norm.

Photo by: Under Armour
Photo by: Under Armour



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