7 Things To Know About The New Odyssey O-Works Putter Line

Odyssey Golf has set the standard for industry-leading innovations for more than 20 years. The latest is Microhinge technology, and is featured in their new O-Works putter line – which will be available for order early next month.

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A New Way To Roll. Coming 1.9.17.

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So what is this Microhinge technology all about?

Here are 7 quick things to know about the Odyssey’s Microhinge technology being used in its O-Works line of putters.

1. It’s Made of Two Pieces

Microhinge technology consists of two pieces: a 304 stainless steel Hinge Plate backed by a soft thermoplastic elastomer inner layer.

2. The Hinge Plate is Made of Many “Microhinges”

The Hinge Plate is populated with many “microhinges” designed to gently flex and rebound at impact to impart forward spin.

3. Promotes Forward-Spin at Impact

The gentle flex and rebound at impact helps start the ball rolling immediately, smoothly and accurately. Odyssey robot tests indicate that Microhinge technology promotes almost twice as much forward-spin as Odyssey’s Fusion RX insert.

4. Co-Molded For Perfect Fit

The Microhinge insert and elastomer inner layer are co-molded to ensure they fit together perfectly, which is essential to achieving the performance and feel targeted by Odyssey engineers.

5. Softer Than the Average Golf Ball Cover

The Thermoplastic elastomer inner layer measures 46 on the Shore D hardness scale, making it softer than the cover of the average Tour golf ball. This creates a uniquely soft-and-satisfying feel that should appeal to golfers of all types – including Phil Mickelson.

6. Diverse Selection of Putter Shapes Available

The O-Works lineup consists of four popular Odyssey blade shapes — #1, #1W, #2, #9 – and four mallet shapes #7, #7 Tank, 2-Ball, V-Line Fang CH and R-Line. Tank versions of the #1 and #7 are also available.

7. Bonus For Blade Users: Enhanced Accuracy

Blades incorporate Odyssey’s new Versa-T alignment system to further enhance accuracy. Versa-T combines the alignment benefits of our Versa line’s contrasting black and white color scheme with the alignment benefits of our Big T alignment lines, making it extremely easy to determine precisely where the face is aimed.

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So fresh. So clean. ✨ @toulondesign

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The Skinny

Line Name: Odyssey O-Works Putters
Retail Price: $229.99
Retail Release Date: 02/03/17
Left-Handed Avail: All models are available in left-handed except the #2.
Grip Options: SuperStroke Slim 2.0 with CounterCore Technology, SuperStroke Pistol GT Tour with CounterCore Technology, and SuperStroke Tank.
Marketing Link: O-Works at Odyssey Blog

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So. Many. Options. What is your grip of choice?

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Credits/Sources: Callaway Press Center, Odyssey Instagram


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