Jay Monahan Delegitimizes Charl Schwartzel’s Historic Win

LIV Golf Charl Schwartzel Jay Monahan
Charl Schwartzel won the LIV Golf Invitational in London while Jay Monahan claimed it doesn't count. (Getty Images)

A day after Charl Schwartzel won the inaugural LIV Golf London Invitational – breaking a lengthy winless streak, PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan downplayed the South African’s historic achievement, calling it an “exhibition,” played without “true, pure competition.”

“Why do they need us so badly?” said a nervous and shaky Monahan, during a CBS interview, when asked why players can’t tee it up on both tours.

“Because those players have chosen to sign multiyear lucrative contracts to play in a series of exhibition matches against the same players over and over again.

“You look at that versus what we see here today [Canadian Open field] and that’s why they need us so badly.

“You’ve got true, pure competition. The best players in the world are here at the RBC Canadian Open, with millions of fans watching, and in this game, it’s true and pure competition that creates the profile in the presence of the world’s greatest players.”

He then claimed that Hall of Famers Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson, who have lifetime exemptions, were somehow seeking a “free ride.”

“And that’s why they need us. That’s what we do. But we’re not going to allow players to free ride off of our loyal members, the best players in the world.”

One reliable source told me DJ and Mickelson, among others, are “readying for war,” including several lawsuits against the PGA Tour and Monahan, personally.

“Greg Norman has unlimited funds and is itching to crush Monahan and the PGA Tour,” said the source.


  1. Monahan just needs to hush. Perez, DeChambeau and Reed are some big name players, and I expect more to take the leap to LIV, and let the attorneys work out the details. The PGA tour has had a lot of great years, made $ billions, donated $ billions so they’ve been very fortunate. Phil and others IMO should be “grandfathered” into these big tourneys (USO, the Open). These guys after all are independent contractors, and on the PGA tour, eat what they kill. On LIV, finishing the tournament ensures a big paycheck. PGA-Monday-Friday is the player’ s expense, with no guarantees. Should be fun to watch.


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