John Daly Teaches Beef Johnston How To Pronounce “Arby’s”

John Daly and Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston both give off that every-man persona, and it’s a reason the two are fan favorites on the pro golf tours.

In this clip, the two down-home blokes get together at a kitchen table to discuss… well, I’m, not so sure. But it seems to be some sort of a native advertisement for Arby’s – as the duo go round and round over the pronunciation of Arby’s.

Beef, with his British accent, drops the ‘R’ (like a Bostonian does as well), while JD, and his Arkansas accent, highlights the ‘R’.

At the end of this Seinfeld-like post. JD says, “So all you people go to Arby’s, get your food… whatever you like there, just go to town!”


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