Anirban Lahiri: Miserable-Look Is “Disappointment” Not “Arrogance”


If you’ve been staying up until 2-3 o’clock in the morning, following the CIMB Classic like we have, you may have noticed that India’s Anirban Lahiri is coming off as one of the most miserable looking golfers in the world.

The 5th year Tour golfer, who is ranked 92nd in the world, never seems to crack a smile, and is seen perpetually mumbling, while shaking his head after almost every shot.

Let’s just say it’s not a great look – especially when you’re relatively-unknown, and playing extremely well.

After his round yesterday, the press asked Lahiri why he comes off so “unhappy,” despite playing two rounds of excellent golf with some “fantastic shots.”

PRESS: We keep seeing you make fantastic shots and you still look not happy. What is behind it? Is it a way to get pumped up?

ANIRBAN LAHIRI: Not really. I think me, I expect myself to hit it closer than what I do sometimes. I set myself high standards and sometimes I might look disappointed but it’s a way of me pushing myself to get better. It’s not in any way disrespectful or arrogant. It’s just the way I am. I’ve always been that way.

Lahiri sits at 12-under par for the tournament and finds himself only 2-strokes behind leader Justin Thomas after two rounds. The two will be paired together in the final grouping for round number three.

Thomas said he’s looking forward to playing with Lahiri, calling him a “great dude” who is “fun to be around, fun to play with.”


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