Nantz on Koepka Coverage: “Borderline Tragic”

CBS Sports broadcaster Jim Nantz in 2016 file photo. Credit: Screengrab Youtube

On a media conference call to talk up the broadcast of the PGA Championship, CBS Sports’ Jim Nantz ripped his fellow golf journos for ignoring the historic run of the tournament’s defending champion, Brooks Koepka.

During the press pitch, the long-time voice of CBS Sports flipped the script when peppered with names such as Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Jordan Spieth.

“Poor Brooks Koepka. If I don’t bring up his name right now, you guys are never gonna bring him up,” Nantz said.

“It’s borderline tragic in terms of how you cover a player or subject.

“He’s having the best run in golf since Tiger in 2000 and 2001. We’re gonna create the story there and it’s just not interesting enough to us to be able to give the guy the time.

“Forget how much time he exerts and gives to those of us who cover him. I’m not concerned with that. I’m just talking about facts.”

Despite an historic run in the majors, Koepka has been largely ignored by the golf media, with much of their focus covering his big-name contemporaries such as Woods, Spieth, Rory, and Justin Thomas. But as Koepka’s star has risen, the 28-year old Floridian has taken great enjoyment in tweaking them.

Big-Game Brooks

A look at Brooks Koepka’s recent performance in the four golf major championships.

2019 Masters Tournament (2nd)
2018 PGA Championship (1st)
2018 Open Championship (39th)
2018 U.S. Open (1st)
2017 PGA Championship (13th)
2017 Open Championship (6th)
2017 U.S. Open (1st)

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