Nick Faldo Salutes Huey Lewis’ Chip-In Birdie With References to Hit Songs

Andrew Landry is shown hitting out of a bunker at the 2016 U.S. Open. His performance was one of the biggest surprises of the championship. Credit: Getty

Huey Lewis, the Grammy award winning musician/singer, made a chip-in birdie on the 18th hole during day one of the Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

During the broadcast, Nick Faldo dropped five references to Huey Lewis’ top hits following the shot, according to Golfweek’s Bill Speros.

“It’s definitely a perfect world,” chimed Faldo. “If this is it, please tell me so.”

After stumbling through a “it’s hip to be square” reference, Faldo bounced back quickly with “he wants to make it Sunday because he’s working for a living.”

After a couple of replays, Faldo added, “how many more replays are we going to have. This is it.”

And as Lewis took a bow, Faldo closed with: “He’s given us the power of love.”

Faldo strikes me as witty, but that was pretty impressive considering Lewis’ songs were hits about 30 years ago.

Lewis is paired with Chris Stroud for the event. Playing alongside Branden Grace and Steve Green (President of Chevron) at Pebble Beach on day one, the twosome were T10 on 8-under par. They will move to Monterey Peninsula Country Club for round two.


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