According to Golf Channel’s Damon Hack, the PGA Tour sent a memo on Tuesday to its players, addressing the “civil unrest” that has engulfed the United States following the police killing of George Floyd.

“This past weekend, I – like many of you, I’m sure – spent a lot of time trying to understand and process the civil unrest that has engulfed many cities across the United States, following the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis,” PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan wrote in a memo leaked to the Golf Channel.

According to sources, Monahan’s message was first sent to PGA Tour staff members on Monday.

“The hardships and injustices that have and continue to impact the African-American community are painful to watch and difficult to comprehend,” signaled Monahan, whose annual compensation checks in at approximately $10 million per.

“And as a citizen of this country and a leader of this organization, I must admit that I’m struggling with what my role should be. But I’m not giving up.”

Per the report by the Golf Channel, Monahan stated that he had conversations with “black friends and colleagues” who apparently explained to the Boston native that “sometimes listening and making a commitment to understand are the only things you can offer, and that’s OK.”

The Tour’s top executive added, “We might not know exactly what to do right now, but we shouldn’t be deterred. We should communicate and learn. We should talk to our family, friends, and colleagues in an open and compassionate way. We should grow as individuals and as an organization. And, most importantly, we should demand better.”


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