PGA Tour Suspends LIV Golfers; Jay Monahan Sounds Whiny, Jilted

File Photo: PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan during the PLAYERS Championship Press Conference. Credit: Getty Images

PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan sent a memo on Thursday to inform members that defectors to the new LIV Golf tour have been suspended.

PGA Tour Memo LIV Golf
The PGA Tour released a threatening memo to players. (PGA TOUR)

Ask yourself this, though: If you were to start a tour from scratch, would it look more like LIV Golf or the PGA Tour, and who would you hire to get it off the ground, Jay Monahan, PGA Tour commissioner, or Greg Norman, LIV Golf CEO/Commissioner.

The answers are clearly LIV Golf and Greg Norman.

Hence, Monahan sounding more like a jilted lover, who’s been dumped by her boyfriend, than a CEO in the midst of a crisis.


  1. Regardless of how Monahan sounded, the Liv tour will result in far more money in professional golf for the players. True, the marginal players will only see a little more, but the top 70 or 80 players in the world will see a lot more, whether they play LIV, DP World Tour, or PGA. The two guys who are being made to be pariahs, Phil and Greg, will someday be viewed as guys who upped the value of every top golfer in the world.


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