Poulter Calls USGA “Bozos” After Saturday’s U.S. Open Debacle

Credit: Getty Images/Rob Carr

Ian Poulter is only four shots off the lead at 7-over par and sits T10 heading into the final round of the U.S. Open. But the top-10 position, and opportunity for his first major, didn’t exactly satisfy the Englishman, as he took to Twitter on Saturday evening to tear apart the USGA.

Interestingly (or not), as the night wore on, Poulter’s anger grew (hold my cold beer?).

In his first tweet (8:22 pm), he admits he’s in the hunt and won’t comment.

About 20 minutes later (8:37 pm), Poulter gets a little angrier.

Then about an hour later (9:27 pm) he lets loose and calls the USGA a bunch of “bozos.”

Pro Tip: Don’t drink and tweet.


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