PGA Tour Previews U.S. Olympic Golf Outfits, Fans Unload

The outfits for the USA OLYMPIC GOLF men. Credit: Adidas

A promo video of the U.S. Olympic golf outfits was uploaded to Instagram by the PGA Tour. Let’s just say that some of the golf fashion critics were not too impressed with the Adidas styles.

Here’s the clip of what Team USA will be wearing for the Rio Games.

A video posted by PGA TOUR (@pgatour) on

Here’s a roundup of some of the (SFW) critical commentary with names redacted.

  • Why lower case? Looks like crap. This is why Instagram needs a dislike button.
  • I think they look produced. I’m an Under Armour guy…and a Canadian.
  • The white ones look dumb but the Reds r cool.
  • They look awful
  • Could have done better
  • Adidas is awful??
  • Why the lowercase?!
  • Basic and fugly
  • Adidas could’ve done way better


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