Tiger Woods Out of PGA Championship So Let’s Relive His Classic Duel With Bob May

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods celebrates after sinking a putt during the final round of the PGA Championship on August 20, 2000 at Valhalla CC in Louisville, KY. (Photo by Robert Beck of Sports Illustrated via Getty Images)

Tiger Woods officially withdrew from the 2016 PGA Championship on Monday so instead of cry over spilled milk, we’re going to get our adrenal pumping by watching his classic duel with Bob May from the 2000 PGA Championship.

Classic Tiger and a “where you were when” moment of golf. Coming off of major championship victories at the US Open, and British Open of that year Tiger went into the Valhalla heavily favored but ran into a buzz saw named Bob May.

The two traded great shot after great shot, and pressure putt after pressure putt. In the end the GOAT hoisted the Wanamaker Trophy after a 3-hole playoff.

The epic duel at the 2000 PGA Championship also led to one of the most memorable moments in tournament history:




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