PGA Tour Players Defend DJ, Tear Into the USGA On Twitter

Dustin Johnson, the winner of the 2016 U.S. Open at Oakmont, speaks to Joe Buck of FOX Sports during the ceremonies. Credit: FOX Sports

While confusion reigned at Oakmont, over the controversy surrounding the USGA, on Twitter, it was anger and mockery which ruled the day.

To set the table: On the 5th hole, Johnson was in the midst of a putt, but noticed that his ball had moved. He immediately waved over a USGA Official, who deemed there to be no infraction.

An hour or so later, on the 12th hole (some 7 holes later), the USGA informed Johnson of a potential penalty.

The USGA’s Jeff Hall then appeared on FOX’s broadcast, and stated to the national TV audience that the USGA would make a determination AFTER the round.

“We have some concerns, so we put him on notice,” said Hall, the USGA’s managing director of competitions.

Twitter absolutely lit up, with many of DJ’s PGA Tour colleagues chiming in.

Andy North, the two-time U.S. Open champ called it a “travesty and embarrassment” on ESPN.

Former Super Bowl winning coach Brian Billick used a football analogy to voice outrage.

Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post, compared it to the NFL’s handling of Deflategate.

Speaking of Goodell.

Despite all the distractions, DJ was simply clutch down the stretch, especially on the 18th and final hole.

In the end, Johnson was docked a stroke for the invisible infraction. And wound up beating the trio of Jim Furyk, Scott Piercy and Shane Lowry by three shots, not four.

After his win, congratulations poured in through Twitter for the one-time Best Player To Never Win a Major.

Finally, here’s Pro Golf Weekly’s quick tribute to the 2016 U.S. Open winner. What a day.


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