USGA Wikipedia Page Gets Hacked, Displays Dustin Johnson as ‘Owner’

Dustin Johnson is the 36 hole leader at the 116th U.S. Open at Oakmont. Credit: Getty Images

For a brief moment early Monday morning the USGA’s wikipedia page had this small edit in the sidebar.

Clearly the USGA angered a few golf fans (and players) with their handling of a confusing rules violation during the U.S. Open that ended up costing Dustin Johnson a stroke. DJ ended up winning the tournament but the USGA still came away with egg on their face.

And now the price they have to pay is being subjected to one of the oldest internet tricks in the book: a wikipedia page edit. Harmless, and always good for a laugh.

The wikipedia page has since been changed back to its original state but we all know who really owns the USGA after Sunday.

This guy.


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