Video: 6 Simple Putting Tips From Odyssey

Odyssey Putting Tips

Odyssey Golf delivers six quick-hit putting tips to help improve your performance on the green.


  1. Use golf balls to visualize the whole curve into the hole.
  2. Getting a little jerky on short putts? Try hovering the putter above the ground to reduce tension?
  3. To improve your touch on the greens, practice making the same putt at different speeds (slow, medium, hard).
  4. Visualize hitting into a large area on long putts.
  5. Use the shadow of the flagstick to practice keeping your ball on line.
  6. Pour water into the hole. Whatever direction the water flows from the hole, that’s the direction the ball will break toward.

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(Desktop: Hover and click arrows to navigate. Mobile: Swipe left watch the six clips)

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