Watch How FOX Sports Places Mics Inside the Oakmont Holes


Have you been wondering how FOX is able to produce that classic plunk sound, with such clarity, when the ball drops into the cup?

Well, they have placed tiny microphones INSIDE the cups of all 18 U.S. Open holes.

This technology was first introduced on select holes in the FOX-produced 2015 U.S. Open.

Apparently they were popular.

So much so, that FOX decided to insert them all 18 holes for the 2016 production. In total, FOX has placed 202 microphones around the Oakmont property.

FLASHBACK: The last time a FOX Sports microphone made the news was back in 2014 during the Match Play Championship, when Jordan Spieth hit one in a match against Ernie Els.

SOURCE: FOX News, FOX Sports


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