Woke Cameron Champ To Wear BLM Shoes at BMW… To Promote Social Injustice

Cameron Champ
Cameron Champ putts while wearing black and white Nike shoes featuring the text Jacob Blake BLM (Black Lives Matter) during a practice round for the BMW Championship on the North Course at Olympia Fields CC on Aug 26, 2020 in Olympia Fields, Illinois. Photo by Keyur Khamar/PGA TOUR via Getty Images

Standing No. 25 in the FedExCup standings – just inside the top-30 bubble, you’d think Cameron Champ would be laser focused on his golf game.

Apparently that’s not the case. Instead, fresh off a missed-cut in Boston, the world No. 72, has decided to push his far-left politics during the BMW Championship.

The two-time PGA Tour winner, who’s posted a single top-10 in 2020, showed up at Olympia Fields wearing mismatched Nike golf shoes – one black, one white.

To promote social injustice… At a tournament with a $10 million purse. Sponsored by BMW. At the ultra-exclusive Olympia Fields Country Club. And so forth.

In a video release via the PGA Tour on Twitter, Champ says, “It’s just spreading awareness and sticking by what I believe in and what I believe needs to be changed. And so I’m going to do as much as I can.

“I’ve seen a lot of other athletes speak out about it. It’s a situation where people don’t want to talk about it, which I get, but at the same time it’s reality. It’s what we live in.

“People ignore it for so long. And then it gets to a point where it just blows up.

“This is just the tipping [sic] of the iceberg. Change needs to happen. I feel like it’s going in the right direction. But again with all the stuff that’s going on it has to end.”

What Champ fails to understand is that Americans are inundated by politics, 24/7. We watch sports for an escape – where we can cheer on players or teams, regardless of their politics. Sports is the one thing that brings Americans together – of all races, genders, backgrounds and ideologies.

For the 25-year old star to believe that unless he walks around with mismatching shoes, we as a society will “ignore” racial and cultural issues.

The hubris is mind-boggling.


  1. Your headline and the tone of this story are more politicized than the act you’re trying to criticize. Remove me from your mailing list. I don’t read news written by would-be fascists.
    • FWIW: This guy kissed my ass for years when I published GolfBoston.com, sending me press releases on behalf of his clients at Phillips Golf Media. What a fraud. -PD

  2. If it were Jack Nicholas and not Cameron Champ who spoke up for equality and elimination of systemic racism, would you have said anything?
    Your advertising sponsors will be alerted about overtly racist article.


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