Another Anthony Kim Sighting, This Time Swinging a Club

Anthony Kim was spotted again on a golf course recently and this time he was taking swings. 

2016 will be the year of the Anthony Kim sightings. After disappearing for nearly 5 years, Kim was first spotted earlier this spring in a Pet Store in Dallas. (Remember the long hair)

Then he appeared as a celebrity guest at a charity golf event hosted by former WNBA star Nancy Lieberman. (Notice the ball cap, no long hair.)

Fast forward only a few days after that, and a picture of AK actually playing golf has surfaced.

This was taken at Oklahoma University’s ‘Sooner Open’ hosted by the men’s golf team. Kim played for the Sooners in his college years so it’s not surprising to see him out there supporting the event.

Really nice to see Anthony Kim back out in public and hitting the links, however there is one problem. There’s something fishy about these photos. In May he’s rocking long hair at a pet store, in September he appears to have short hair although wearing a hat, and then a few days later he’s back to long hair.

Hmmmm…the mystery of the hair length only adds to the enigma that is Anthony Kim.


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