Brandel Chamblee Thinks His Critics Are Embedded Saudi Spy Bots

Conspiracy theorist Brandel Chamblee
Conspiracy theorist Brandel Chamblee thinks his critics are Saudi bots. (PGW Graphics)

Apparently if you’re not a fan of the PGA Tour being a monopoly, then you’re an embedded Saudi bot.

Brandel Chamblee, the popular Golf Channel analyst, lashed out at commenters who called out his hypocritical virtue signaling.

To set the table: the golf talker basically spends all day on Twitter crying about Saudi Arabia’s horrific human rights’ abuses. Yet the Golf Channel employee said nothing when NBC (Golf Channel’s parent company) became the Chinese Communist’s propaganda stooge during the winter Olympics, aka the Genocide Games.

Chambleee also has had zero issues with the European Tour, PGA Tour and LPGA Tour teeing it up in Communist China for the past decade in what was clearly a case of “sportswashing.”

Rory McIlroy Wins WGC-HSBC Champions Shanghai China
Rory McIlroy during a press conference after winning the WGC-HSBC Champions at Sheshan International Golf Club on Nov 3, 2019 in Shanghai, China. Photo by Ben Jared/PGA TOUR via Getty Images

In a previous post, I wrote: “To those unaware of the geopolitical landscape, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are modern-day Nazis, who make the Saudis look like low-rent chumps when it comes to atrocities.”

Back to Chamblee’s anger on Twitter: instead of reflection and conversation, the one-time tour winner claimed it was “highly likely” that he was being ratioed into oblivion by a Saudi spy who was “managing thousands of bots to run interference:”

As for the initial question, “Why are so many people defending Saudi Arabia?”: I haven’t seen anyone defend Saudi Arabia. They are pointing out the selective outrage of the woke media shills as well as the low information stooges who use their made-in-China iPhones while complaining about human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia.

Many are also excited to see the PGA Tour taken down a notch. Jay Monahan’s regime has far too much power for what they actually bring to the table, which is two flagship events – one which they ruined, and a bunch of meaningless tournaments sponsored by cars and insurance companies. The tour is essentially schedule filler, allowing players to make some money and qualify for the four majors and the Ryder Cup.

Some of the feedback from the bots:

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  1. Jeff, great articles on this topic. I’m not a big fan of the Saudi’s, but the way the PGA is responding is so hypocritical. It’s funny how they all just pretend that nothing bad is going on in China and that they have close ties to the CCP.


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