Best LIV Golf Memes of the Week (London)

LIV Golf Memes
LIV Golf Memes were a welcome relief. (Twitter)

While woke media shills were busy complaining about human rights abuses of Saudi Arabia (while using their made-in-China-by-slave-labor iPhones), normal people were having fun, posting spicy memes about the new LIV Golf Tour.

Here’s a roundup of some of the better ones.



  1. To: Whomever trots out Saudi abuses – Didn’t the LET ‘beg’ Aramco to sponsor their series last year? (BTW, they were successful and Aramco has kicked in millions to support women’s golf in Europe) Didn’t the PGA Tour approve releases for over 50 Tour Members this past winter to play in Saudi Invitational..(congrats to HVIII whose win in SA was highlighted by a 100 foot drano on final hole!!! So funny that US announcers just can’t seem to mention which tournament Harold won during recent telecasts) ..Hasn’t Saudi Arabia recently established new and historic relations with Israel to combat Iran and Hezbollah? As Dan Patrick asked Brandel Chamblee the other day….wasn’t Saudi Arabia an ally of USA?

    Summary: If Phil didn’t open his big mouth…and if Alan Shipnuck has one ounce of integrity – this entire LIV issue would be different, since prior to those two incidents, Pro Golf in and by Saudi Arabia was just fine.

    Monahan’s insistent ‘pushing a false narrative” re: Fedex Cup and all it’s wonderfulness (and $$) when nobody in the golf community cares is another example of the age old axiom: THE ANSWER TO NEARLY EVERY QUESTION IS MONEY. The hyprocritical commish should look in the mirror. I suppose Fedex will halt shipping anything to SA?

  2. Excellent point. Especially the fedex cup which I don’t know a single golf fan that has ever even mentioned it. The worst thing is they canceled the tour championship. So now no one even wins their flagship tournament title instead it’s just a means to fight for the fedex cup.

    It’d be like the NFL using the super bowl to decide who got the most TDs in the playoffs (TDs carry over to the super bowl) and no one wins the Lombardi trophy. Instead they got money and the Pepsi Cup. Crazy.

    Monahan is a failure.


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