CBS’ Colt Knost Loses Twitter Battle With Phil Mickelson Re: OWGR-PGA Tour Collusion

Colt Knost and Phil Mickelson
Colt Knost (L) and Phil Mickelson got into a Twitter battle. (Getty Images/PGW Graphics)

Colt Knost is a former all-world amateur golfer who ate himself out of a PGA Tour career and now talks golf as a podcaster. He also works for CBS and, similar to Dottie Pepper, offers no insight and little value. Basically, his schtick is pretending to be a wise ass/fake ass country boy.

On Twitter, and elsewhere, there’s been an ongoing discussion regarding the OWGR and PGA Tour colluding to deny world-ranking points to LIV Golf.

To recap: LIV Golf applied for OWGR points in July 2022, only to be told by the PGA Tour-allied organization that it may take up to 18 months before a decision is made. To some, this may sound like the epitome of bureaucracy but it’s actually an example of criminal collusion.

What’s the big deal about world-ranking points?: LIV golfers need world-ranking points to qualify for the majors. The longer OWGR, which is run by the PGA Tour and the four majors, waits to award points, the lower LIV golfers fall down the rankings. By the time OWGR gets around to awarding points, LIV golfers will be ranked so low that the tournaments will be awarded almost no points as they are based on the world ranking strength of the fields. See how corrupt this all is?

Anyhow, with the table somewhat set, here’s how the Twitter battle went down:

First, Knost replied to Pro Golf Critic, a golf journalist who spends time on Twitter intellectually (meaning he’s way smarter than me) defending LIV Golf from what he calls the “corrupt media” propaganda. (Note how Knost uses “ya’ll” – it’s part of that good ol’ boy schtick I’d mentioned at the top. It’s all fake. Colt is part of the blue blazer-wearing golf swamp. See USGA chief clown Mike Whan.)

Then Mickelson piped in by calling out Knost’s employer. (CBS pays the PGA Tour based on the strength of field. If LIV gets points, it will obviously dilute the field strength of PGA Tour events. Commissioner Jay Monahan‘s goal is to own every position in the OWGR’s top 50, thus raking in millions from CBS. Due to collusion, it’s working. For instance, when LIV launched last summer, six current LIV players were ranked inside the top 20. Today, there’s just a single player.)

Knost tries to play dumb and asks why world ranking points weren’t addressed “before starting a tour.” Duh! Knost is the ultimate establishment insider and ass kisser (he didn’t get where he’s at on looks or hard work) and knows that the PGA Tour (and its golf swamp allies) basically control the OWGR. For trying to play the innocent redneck dummy, Knost proves himself to be an absolute total fraud here.

And it goes back and forth with Phil spitting facts and Knost flipping and flopping in total deflect mode.

Finally, with Knost losing the battle like a hooked bass on a sun-splashed dock, the doofus tries to promote his overrated podcast by inviting Lefty on to “discuss.”

After Phil turns him down, Knost drops the fake redneck schtick and goes peak smug mode, aka golf twitter media mode. Phil notes the change of tone and says see-ya!

Mickelson never responded, which essentially ended the conversation.


  1. Knost is the most overrated clown in the biz. He didn’t eat himself out of a job he was always a fat slob – an embarrassment to mankind.


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