Dottie Pepper Spins Lies and Half-Truths in Anti-LIV Screed

Dottie Pepper CBS Sports
Dottie Pepper during the final round of the Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village GC on June 6, 2021 in Dublin, Ohio. (Photo by Ken Murray for Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Golf viewers have put up with Dottie Pepper for seven seasons on CBS broadcasts of the PGA Tour. Despite the former LPGA star having no charisma, less of a personality, and offering almost no insight, she’s had remarkable staying power at the broadcast network.

She’s sort of the reality TV star of golf commentating: she’s popular for doing nothing.

The thrice-married Pepper, though, has officially joined the PGA’s propaganda machine by slandering LIV golfers such as Patrick Reed and Dustin Johnson, for “taking the easy way out” (right, being attacked almost on a daily basis by smear merchants like Dr Pepper is definitely the easy way out).

Her self-serving (she works for the PGA Tour via CBS) and self-centered (“My,” “My,” “My”) screed is filled more half truths and lies than a one-minute political ad.

For instance, apparently Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer broke away from the PGA, not because they were sick of sharing the money and spotlight with no-name PGA club pros. Nope. You see, according to Dottie Pepper, it was because they wanted what was “best for all.”

And Patrick Reed is playing in additional international events, not because the PGA Tour via OWGR has illegally blackballed the LIV Tour and denied the upstart world-ranking points. Nope. It’s just because Reed wants to “stay relevant” in the Official World Golf Rankings.

The Pepper has officially expired.


  1. She is absolutely right! Greed motivates that tour and it’s players, not to mention the monetary backers want to look good on the world stage…
  2. I’m OK with Dottie as a commentator for as long as she is able or willing to act in that capacity.  She’s knowledgeable and articulate, which is all she needs to be.
  3. She is at least as credible as any of the male commentators and has more LPGA tour wins than the rest of the broadcast team combined..  Having her on the course is a huge get for CBS.  I like her commentary more than any on the broadcast.

    What gives Jeff Smith credibility.


  4. Dottie knows the game of golf like few others and she expresses her knowledge in an objective, non confrontational way. And who cares how many divorces she has been through? Not my business!
    I look forward to hearing her on the course most weekends.
  5. Dottie is a knowledgeable commentator. She works very well with the other broadcasters. They all make golf very easy and pleasant to watch. She blends in and doesn’t try to steal the attention. Many will do that. So, good for her.


    • I actually feel somewhat bad for the tone of my post. I actually like Ms Pepper but was disappointed that she went so anti LIV. The tour needed a kick in the ass and LIV was the proverbial boot. Those that shut their mouths about LIV came out looking good, PR wise. See Spieth, Rahm, Cantlay, Xander, etc. The anti LIV smear merchants look dumb and ruined their reps, eg Rory, JT, Horschel, etc.



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